Attorney General’s Living Law Programme 2014/15

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On Thursday 25 September the Attorney General began the fifth year of the schools element of his Living Law Programme. This legal education and enrichment programme is aimed at Year 13 pupils from the non-grammar school sector and consists of a series of workshops, seminars and visits.

The first of the five session programme opened with an overview by the Attorney on “Thinking About Law” as well as presentations from current law students, a solicitor and a barrister on “A Day in the Life.”

The session concluded with pupils taking part in a lively and challenging debate chaired by the Attorney.

This was followed closely by the second session on Monday 20 October which was hosted by the Public Prosecution Service. During this session the group were introduced to the Director of Public Prosecutions, Barra McGrory, and given a presentation on the Role of the Public Prosecution Service and the Test for Prosecution, by one of the Senior Prosecutors.

During the event pupils also discussed possible case scenarios, how to apply the test for prosecution and were given a demonstration on how to build evidence for a case and present it at court.