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The Office of the Attorney General for Northern Ireland
PO Box 1272

General Inquiries

Telephone - 028 9072 5333

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OAGNI staff will respond professionally to anyone who contacts the office. 

On occasion, OAGNI will let a person know that it has decided not to engage in further communication on a particular matter. This will usually be because the matter is not within the Attorney General’s remit or because it is disproportionate, in terms of staff resources, to reiterate a message which has already been communicated. OAGNI has a responsibility to use staff time responsibly and direct staff resources to where it can provide the most value. 

Sometimes OAGNI will decide not to engage in further communication with an individual for a period of time due to unacceptable behaviour by that person. OAGNI has a responsibility to protect its staff from harassment or abuse. 

Details of our policy can be found here.