Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, staff within the Office of the Attorney General will, generally, be working from home. Whilst this might have some impact on the timescale of response to correspondence received via post, the usual communication lines will remain open and the Office can be contacted on contact@attorneygeneralni.gov.uk

Welcome to the website of the Office of the Attorney General for Northern Ireland

With the devolution of justice responsibilities on 12 April 2010, the Justice (Northern Ireland) Act 2002 was enacted which established a new post of Attorney General for Northern Ireland.

As Attorney General my main responsibilities are:

  • Chief legal adviser to the Northern Ireland Executive for both civil and criminal matters that fall within the devolved powers of the Northern Ireland Assembly
  • Protect the public interest in matters of law
  • The Executive’s most senior representative in the courts
  • Oversee the legal work of the in-house legal advisers to the Northern Ireland Executive and its departments
  • Participate in the proceedings of the Assembly to the extent permitted by its standing orders but not vote in the Assembly
  • Appointment of the Director and Deputy Director of the Public Prosecutions Service for Northern Ireland

My responsibilities and role are exercised independently of any other persons. As Attorney General I am statutorily independent of the First Minister and deputy First Minister, the Northern Ireland Executive and the Northern Ireland Departments.

The Attorney General provides legal advice to the Government and is unable to give legal advice, assistance or support to individuals.

Dame Brenda King DCB
Attorney General for Northern Ireland