Attorney General Launches New Human Rights Guidance

Publication date:

The Attorney General has in pursuance of section 8(1) of the Justice (Northern Ireland) Act 2004 issued guidance to the Police Service of Northern Ireland and the Public Prosecution Service on international human rights standards relevant to the use of the Irish Language.

The Attorney General’s Human Rights Guidance (The Use of the Irish Language) Order (Northern Ireland) 2019 / An tOrdú um an Treoir ón Phríomh-Atúrnae ar Chearta an Duine Úsáid na Gaeilge) (Tuaisceart Éireann) 2019 brings this guidance into operation from today.

Speaking today, the Attorney General said: “The Irish Language is, as the Guidance says, an aspect of the cultural wealth of Northern Ireland. Cultural wealth, like any other form of wealth, opens up possibilities but cultural wealth, unlike some other forms of wealth, imposes no burdens, other than moral responsibilities, on the persons who possess it. I hope that this Guidance will be an enrichment both for the organisations to which it is addressed and for those who love the Irish Language.”

The guidance has been published on the Attorney General’s website.